Biological active small molecules

BIOTREND produce and sell more than 1800 biological active small molecules (low molecular weight organic compounds with a size on the order of 10−9 m) which are mostly used in drug discovery.

The products are used to discover new drugs in the field of ion channel/ion transporters like Calcium- Chloride- Potassium- sodium channels.

Sigma receptors and vanilloid/TRPV channels are also discovered with bioactive small molecule.
Non-peptide receptors/metabolism/transporters and acetylcholine receptors are involved as well.
A fast number of biological small molecules is used adenosine and purinergic receptors, adrenergics and cannabinoid receptors research.

BIOTREND offers more than 231 Dopamine, GABA receptor, glutamate receptor, histamines compounds.
Small biological active research products are used to discover imadozilines, melatonin receptor, PAF receptor, prostanoids and serotonin receptors.

For Intracellular signaling/enzyme receptors BIOTREND offers products to discover calcium ATPase modulators, calcium signaling.

caspases/apotosis, cyclic nucleotide related, cytokine signaling, G-Protein, InsP3/Ryonodine receptor, intracellular receptor.

For inflamation research on lipid signaling, lysophospholipid receptor, nitric oxide (NO), protein kinases, protein phosphatases we have more than 381 products available.

Since 26 years BIOTREND sells worldwide biological active small molecules to customers in the biotechnology industry, pharmaceutical and big pharma industry, universities and research clinics as well as Max Planck-, Helmholtz- and Fraunhofer institutes.

BIOTREND runs offices in Cologne - Germany, Wangen/Zurich – Switzerland and Destin – Florida.

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